Outdoor banner helps Farmington McDonalds recruit employees

vinyl-banner-mcdonaldsAs any business owner or hiring manager knows, recruiting, hiring and training exceptional employees is an ongoing challenge. Gone are the days when potential employees searched in just a couple of places, like the weekly or daily newspapers’ Help Wanted ads. Now, in addition to the newspapers, there are dozens of job search websites advertising positions of all kinds.

With so many choices, each costing a small fortune for a limited amount of time, deciding where to spend your recruiting dollars can be frustrating at best.

Now Hiring

A big “Now Hiring” sign at your own location is a great way to cut through all the clutter and competition for great employees. Most people love working close to home so why not advertise to your customers and those who frequently drive or walk past your business?

Today the Farmington McDonald’s did just that, with the help of a vinyl banner bag from ProSign Branding Solutions in Eagan. A banner bag is a vinyl banner “pocket” that slips over the top of another sign. The heavy-duty banner material will last for years, and the banner can be installed and removed as needed.

A set of vinyl banners with different themes can be rotated to attract more attention to your business and your message.

Banners are considered temporary signage and are often subject to city sign requirements, such as where and how they can be displayed and for what period of time. We’ll be happy to check with your city planning department to find out what’s allowed.

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