Monument Signs¬†generally have a low profile with a base on the ground. Monument signs can be constructed of masonry, metal or wood. Some city sign codes require the sign to match the building’s brick or other finishing material.

Monument signs are highly custom and cost varies widely according to size, materials and other criteria. Some monument signs bear the name of one company, house of worship or other organization. Others contain enough separate components to list multiple businesses located at a single address, such as shopping or office complexes.

Tenant panels for monument signs vary widely in style, materials and cost, typically:

  • Flat or box-shaped panels with letters and logos routed to reveal backlit acrylic or polycarbonate.
  • Backlit polycarbonate panels that slide into a metal frame.

Our full service includes

  • Removing signs at your old location if necessary.
  • Researching city and landlord sign restrictions and requirements for your new signs.
  • A site survey to determine the correct materials, size and colors.
  • Contracting the highest quality, most cost-effective production and installation of your signs.

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