Custom metal sign helps advertise small business in Chanhassen

Sarah Pierce has a knack for successfully branding and marketing her small business: Sarah Pierce Photography and Minneapolis Headshots. Her logos are polished and she uses them consistently throughout her websites, business cards, note cards, e-newsletter and other marketing materials.

Sarah also advertises Minneapolis Headshots on LinkedIn, a perfect fit for her product, since a professional headshot is an essential part of any professional’s LinkedIn profile.

Recently Sarah consulted ProSign Branding Solutions to help her add vehicle graphics to her advertising mix. With a broad range of options, from simple vehicle lettering to window graphics and even full vehicle wraps, ProSign has price points to fit every business’s budget. A couple of her excellent Headshot photos, her logos and website address helped make her personal SUV a rolling billboard for her business.

Soon, Sarah contacted us again, this time to design and produce a custom metal sign to raise the visibility of her home studio. When attached to her mailbox, the black metal sign, with her logos and phone number, carry her brand and polished marketing image to the street, helping clients find her studio in this residential neighborhood while also advertising to potential new clients.

Metal signs come in a number of different materials, from aluminum to rigid metal composites such as Dibond and Alumacor. Custom metal signs, whether screen-printed or decorated with cut vinyl graphics, last for many years, making them an ideal, cost-effective solution for many signage needs. From exterior building signs to gate signs, sidewalk signs, real estate signs, traffic signs and more, contact ProSign Branding Solutions for all your custom metal sign needs. Call 651-203-4151.