New construction and remodeling projects are full of exciting decisions and details: Room locations and sizes, stairs, corridors, parking lots, construction materials. Deadlines and budgets consume the designers, architects and decision makers for weeks or months. As the project nears completion and decorating decisions are finalized, attention turns to signage design and building code requirements.

  • What rooms have to be labeled?
  • Which signs require tactile lettering and Braille?
  • What are the text size and color requirements?
  • At what height should the signs be located?
  • What are the design and material choices?
  • How much will this cost?

We can help answer all these questions and more, including:

  • Floor plan review
  • Site visit to discuss materials, design and location
  • Sign design
  • Efficient, cost-effective procurement and delivery
  • Expert installation

When your project calls for the very best quality in materials and design, contact Allegra Downtown Minneapolis for a free consultation and price quote 612-332-8669.